Here are a few of my favorite articles or interviews by me that have appeared on the web since 1994.


The Medium is the Message & the Message is Voyeurism (w. St. Jude) Wired Magazine

PoMo To Go: A User’s Guide to Trendy French Intellectuals (w. Carmen Hermosillo) Wired Magazine


Sex Machine: David Cronenberg Interview Wired Magazine


Aliens Out To Get Us Wired Magazine

The Machine-Baby Interface Wired Magazine


California Cults 2006 10 Zen Monkeys

Neil Gaiman Has Lost His Clothes (w. Paul McEnery & Diana Brown) 10 Zen Monkeys

Counterculture & the Tech Revolution: an Interview with Fred Turner 10 Zen Monkeys


Homeland Security Follies: Bruce Schneier Interviewed 10 Zen Monkeys

Senator Vitter’s Suppressed Statement 10 Zen Monkeys

Catching Up with an Aqua Teen Terrorist 10 Zen Monkeys

The Open Source Party Proposal 10 Zen Monkeys


A Possible Introduction to the MONDO 2000 History Project


How the Pandrogyne Confounds Hir DNA: Interview with Genesis Breyer P-Orridge Acceler8or


There’s Just a Tiny Infection Between Any of Us and Batshit Crazy Acceler8or

Cronenberg’s Cosmopolis: The Quantified Life is not Worth Living Acceler8or

Use Your Hallucinations: MONDO 2000 in 20th Century Cyberculture (Preface) Acceler8or

Shocking Shocker! Alex Jones & David Icke are Illuminati Disinfo Agents (by “Dolphy Hipler”) Acceler8or

Steal This Singularity Acceler8or

December 21, 2012 It’s Just Another Day. Let the Memetic Infection Pass The Verge


Cypherpunk Rising: WikiLeaks, Encryption and the Coming Surveillance Dystopia