Yes, this opening multi-part rant has been rather stylistically frivolous, but there are a few projects I intend to open up to participation. For starters, I’ll suggest two.

1: Question Currency

As Matt Taibbi has been showing us in a series of pieces and blog posts for Rolling Stone, “Everything is Rigged.” And one of the things that is rigged is the very stuff we sweat and fret (mostly fret) over every day. Questioning currency has tended to be the purview of “wingnuts” and fringe outsiders, from your Zeitgeist followers (the less said the better) to the Paul sisters (I prefer to imagine Ron and Rand as teenage sisters. Ron is prim, but more intellectual and likable. Rand is promiscuous but deeply disturbing), who want to bring back the golden years, which seems like just another type of fiat to me, not to mention your antisemites (who ever imagined the Rothschild’s would get another run on world domination in the viral rumor mill of the internet, even among New Aging love children).

It may seem strange, or even absurd, that a fellow named R.U. Sirius on a site called Steal This Singularity should suggest that the question of what can be done about the rigged and nontransparent nature of currency can be taken up by “grown ups,” as the political mainstreamers so smugly call themselves, but yes, I think we would all benefit from a non-hysterical, relatively logical public discussion that might start around the idea of a Campaign for Transparent Currency and go on from there.  (One thing that will happen on this site is I will frequently contradict the countercultural thrust or essence that it exudes. Such is thinking. Pragmatism and surrealism shall march hand-in-hand here.)

2:  Tracing the NSA/National Security State

A research project (perhaps not too dissimilar to the one that got Barrett Brown in so much hot water, but… well… maybe a bit more carefully constructed) to trace the privatized National Security state, with a specific focus on NSA-linked companies and with a corresponding intention to showing very clearly that stopping terrorist events falls far below the #1 activity of this massive construct, if not by intention, than by the natural flow of events and opportunism.

That’s enough for now, yes? Anyone who wants to participate in this all can find my email address and email me or make an at least somewhat comprehensible comment here to that effect

Steal This Singularity in Seven Parts & A Song