So here’s this dude, David Lory VanDerBeek, and he’s running for governor of Nevada.  On February 23, he proudly posted a research paper he’d written in college titled Shamanistic Redemption: Entheogenic Intervention.  The piece, in wooden and convoluted prose, makes an argument that psychedelics, and particularly Ayahuasca, hold a special ancient place in the human experience and that, unlike other drugs, they are redemptive and, in fact, a shamanic treatment for addiction.

OK, then. Given the unlikelihood that legal Ayahuasca (he’s for it) will be a popular issue in the upcoming Nevada Gubernatorial campaign, you have to give this fellow points for charming eccentricity (and for liking Ayahuasca!) So who is David Lory VanDerBeek and what sort of politics has his expanded awareness wrought?

Well, in the biographical section of his webpage (Wait… he and his wife look happy, but the kids look either tortured or Children of the Damned), he lets us know right off that he’s not from Kenya. Which he needs to do because Ayahuasca.

First line, “I am a U.S. citizen with a valid birth certificate, which I will present on demand.” So we know he’s a “show us your papers” kinda fella and… scanning further down the page… he’s got a “popular” TV show called Occupy Freedom.  He’s… no… not with the Libertarian Party… he’s with the Independent American Party of Nevada.

As far as a platform goes, well… wow! he’s got a lot of them — 45 in fact, ‘splained in long complicated prose. They’re mostly extreme libertarian “let’s shoot the revenuer” kind of stuff, but I mean, radical… like with CAPITAL LETTERS… “STOP PAYING THE IRS. NEVER PAY THEM AGAIN.”   I’m rather fond of a few things, like his suggestion of a state bank combined with freedom for alternative currencies… something I have thought about on a national scale, although he doesn’t mean the same thing as I do…  but anyway, it’s an overfull bag of nuts and flakes… but no fruits. He’s against gay marriage.  Well, he’s against the state issuing marriage licenses at all… but he’s specifically for the “preservation of traditional marriage” — which in Nevada, I believe, takes two minutes and usually involves someone made up to look like Elvis Presley.

So he wants to boot the IRS from Nevada, stop forced vaccinations and he promises that “As Governor, I will not enforce any of Mr. Obama’s gun regulations,” which is one promise he could easily keep, since there haven’t been any.  Now, here’s a surprise. He actually wants to increase welfare for those truly in need… for a little while… until “Austrian free market economics” kicks in and makes everything wonderful. Until, then, also, armed guards and guns in school. He makes the point that people shoot up schools because “they know schools are GUN FREE ZONES,” and that’s surely the thing… for many of us, when we see a GUN FREE ZONE, we figure, good chance to shoot some kids. It’s nature. Like in Great Britain, where there ain’t no kids left t’ shoot.

He’s got a big thing for raw organic foods and nutritional supplements and he’s against Agenda 21 and in his final point, he identifies “Truth Movements”: “These include Obama’s background, Bilderberg, Bohemian Grove, Illuminati, Council on Foreign Relations, Shadow Government, Human-trafficking, Military Industrial Complex, Chemtrails, Geoengineering, Terraforming, Fluoride, Vaccines, Benghazi, Operation Fast and Furious, CIA Drug Running, Wall Street Money Laundering, Area 51, UFOs, Agenda 21, H.A.A.R.P., Global Banking Cartels, and most importantly False Flag Terrorism.”  (I mean, we know this guy, don’t we? We know a whole bunch of him!)

Finally, he’s against abortion. Yep. Mr. Occupy Freedom is one of those “keep your filthy government hands off of my guns and property and stick them up her pussy where they belong” sorta libertarian guys. And he wants to boot the aliens out of Nevada!  (Not the sort of aliens he’s perhaps spoken with while under the influence of ayahuasca, one presumes.)

Eccentricity aside, this orientation is pretty common amongst libertarians. It’s part of the DNA, really, of Classical Liberalism — rights are for white male property owners — and those roots keep showing, no matter how hard they try to color them in.

So there you have it.  In essence, the Ayahuasca Tea Party candidate, a reactionary, revolutionary, hallucinatory romp that goes on too long and needs to be slept off. But, oh Christ, wouldn’t it be hilarious if he won?