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Cypherpunk rising: WikiLeaks, encryption, and the coming surveillance dystopia

Dec 12

The Verge, March 2013

This article, which predates the Edward Snowden affair (ongoing), seems to be getting renewed interest. One thing I would draw your attention to today is the segment that discusses the commercial availability of turnkey systems that can intercept all the communications of a medium sized country. In other words, the next revelation may be about private companies vacuuming up Big Data for their own uses, even without funding from the NSA. This, in fact, is entirely likely to be occurring. Read on…

Steal This Singularity: Entry #1

Dec 1

Acceler80r, October 2012

It was at the end of the first day of the Singularity Summit 2012 when Ben Popper — the dude from The Verge who I’d spoken to by phone — approached.  “What do you think?” he asked.  “It’s been pretty interesting,” I responded earnestly.  The absence of a superlative was perhaps telling, but I was not in the mood to think on it more deeply.  Ben agreed.  And then Eve and I made a wrong turn heading back to the North Bay and we found ourselves moving at a crawl through Chinatown.

It’s Just Another Day. Let the Memetic Infection Pass

Nov 14

The Verge, December 21, 2012

New Age types, most spiritual types, and (I hate to say it) even most psychedelic types are too porous; too lacking in an immunal response to silly and sometimes harmful memes. The New Age, in particular, is a folk culture. In some ways, it’s intentionally primitivist, which is — or has been — part of its charm.

In folk cultures, memetic infections tend to spread rapidly by word of mouth (or word of tweet etc.) and tends to suffuse the culture fairly completely, since the sense of belonging and identity is fairly strong, particularly as compared to an atomized, individualistic, decentered culture like the one we’re in.

Shocking Shocker! Alex Jones & David Icke Are Illuminati Disinfo Agents

Nov 14

Acceler8or, October 2012
by “Dolphy Hipler”

I guess it all started about a year ago.  As part of my duties tracking conspiracy sites for my Illuminati Masters, I started noticing that Alex Jones was ranting more and more frequently against the transhumanists and singularitarians. 

Now, my job with Illuminati Central is fairly simply.  I track the conspiracy sites and warn the Illuminated Ones if anyone is getting to close to the truth as I understand it.