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Part 7: A Special Naughty Hipster’s Steal This Singularity

Oct 21

“This is all well and good,” I hear some of you say.  “But it’s a bit self righteous, dontcha think? I mean, what ever happened to that good ol’ MONDO  2000 amorality; the trashed hipster excess; the Sadean/Burroughsian polymorphis perversity; the winking chic naughtiness; the”… oh stop!

OK. For you and only you, I present the Special Hipster’s Steal This Singularity video, organized and directed by my wicked brother Hassan I Sirius. Upon abandoning his mountain retreat and his nefarious plans for the terrible night of the DMT assassins when he was forced to admit that the Tea Party had utterly poisoned the anarchist narrative, he formed an advertising company with Gilles de Rais and Donald Trump, who he met at the Punk: Chaos to Coture afterparty. Anyway, they have been kind enough to organize this beautiful advertisment for Steal This Singularity. Ciao Ciao!

Pomo To Go: A User’s Guide to Trendy French Intellectuals

Oct 13

by R.U. Sirius & Carmen Hermosillo
Wired, June 1994

Pol Pot was educated in Paris. Years later, back home in Cambodia, he ordered his Khmer Rouge to execute all people with glasses — part of his war against intellectualism. Was Pol Pot’s hostility displaced? Or was it a perverted irritation, shared by so many, with the convoluted thought processes and obfuscatory language peculiar to French intellectuals? The latter seems, at least, a good guess.

Don’t get me wrong. I have a soft spot for French writers. Back in my college days, I would argue with the fans of the Spanish-language surrealists like Federico Garcia Lorca and Gabriel Garcia Marquez. Sure, the Latins were deeper, more subtle, better writers. But those original Dada guys, Breton and Tzara — blithely tossing firecrackers of dense language, contradictory words striking against one another in paroxysms of pleasurable non sense — now that’s what I call an afternoon’s fun.