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JFK: America’s First Psychedelic President?

Nov 21

by “Nan C. Druid”

FYI, Did the CIA kill JFK over LSD?  Well, it seems like a stretch but the case of Mary Pinchot Meyer deserves your further investigation.

Here, presented for your edutainment, the article “JFK: America’s First Psychedelic President” which appeared in 1987  in issue #3 of High Frontiers and then reappeared in a slightly edited form in MONDO 2000 issue #6, which also included the great cover art by Eric White that you see right above these words.  

Rob Ford Obsoletes Satire

Nov 18

Well,  several days back I was working on a Rob Ford satire in which his behavior would go several steps beyond…  but I couldn’t get it right to my own satisfaction and I decided that the thing would die down some… that he would be less of a berserker than he had been. But noo.

Anyway, this is the thing I wrote last week.  It needed work but I probably should have posted it.  Here it is…

It’s Just Another Day. Let the Memetic Infection Pass

Nov 14

The Verge, December 21, 2012

New Age types, most spiritual types, and (I hate to say it) even most psychedelic types are too porous; too lacking in an immunal response to silly and sometimes harmful memes. The New Age, in particular, is a folk culture. In some ways, it’s intentionally primitivist, which is — or has been — part of its charm.

In folk cultures, memetic infections tend to spread rapidly by word of mouth (or word of tweet etc.) and tends to suffuse the culture fairly completely, since the sense of belonging and identity is fairly strong, particularly as compared to an atomized, individualistic, decentered culture like the one we’re in.